July 2017 | Sally & Tim

Sally and Timothy’s La Venta Inn wedding was beautiful and we are excited to share their love story and wedding photos.

They first met while studying abroad in Poland and their first interaction was in a McDonald’s after their first exam. Tim had finished his meal and stole a few fries from Sally’s meal. She was a bit offended that Tim did not ask first and he picked up on her lack of enthusiasm about his casual snacking. Their first impressions of each other were that one was impolite and the other was stingy…but they both recognized that they loved food. This rocky start bloomed into a beautiful relationship.

Their proposal happened on a day trip outside of Taipei to Jiufen in Taiwan. Tim stumbled upon a quiet vantage point, overlooking valleys with the sea below and mountains to the side. It was raining and they could see cats running around on the rooftops below their spot. Sally knew the question would come sometime during the trip but for a moment she had forgotten because she was so focused on the view and the cats running below them. This was perfect because when Tim popped the question, Sally was completely taken by surprise.

Sally smiles and says, “We are not terribly good at planning things. But we push and drive each other to be productive. In a way, we are each other’s good luck charms. Whether passing exams, going on trips, visiting friends, or getting married, things tend to turn out all right as long as we are together. We really enjoy just relaxing, but we will take spontaneous trips out. We call them little adventures and just see where the wind takes us. Our most favorite thing, though, might be pointing out cute animals, cats, dogs, birds, squirrels…to each other in public then raving about how cute that animal was later that day.”

These two are adorable and fit each other well. They know that life together can be awesome and difficult and they use all of the little moments to grow closer together. We wish these two the best as they enter marriage and cannot wait to see what little adventures life brings their way.

Thanks to Figlewicz Photo for capturing the day!