July 2017 | Hana & Jeff

Hana and Jeff first met in high school but Jeff is the one who truly remembers the first moment they locked eyes. They dated for a while during high school but went their separate ways for about nine years. After that time they reconnected and built the relationship that has bloomed into a new marriage. Their engagement story is adorable and we think that Jeff’s version will make you love them even more!

Jeff explains, “After being with Hana for 3.5 years, I finally had the nerve and the resources to buy a ring and propose. Hana loves to travel and the only reason I have been outside of the US is because of her. Since we have been together we have been to Mexico, Italy, Amsterdam, Turkey, and Peru. I proposed right before our trek up Machu Picchu, in the tiny town called Ollantaytambo, which had beautiful cobbled streets with streams running down them, and ruins overlooking the entire valley. After walking the ruins, we took in the views on top of our guest house. With the sun going down, peaking through the clouds while a slight drizzle coming down, I got down on one knee and asked the question. I forgot to mention that right before I asked, she was hugging me and noticed my heart was beating extra fast, but she assumed I was out of shape. I didn’t really have a choice after that, but to pop the question!”

Their La Venta Inn wedding was a beautiful day framed with gorgeous views.  They accented the La Venta inn estate with yellow and blue accents that brought sunshine to their wedding day. 

Thanks to the Figlewicz Photography team for the beautiful images.